Erasmus Incoming Students a.a 2016/2017

Welcome to the Academy of Fine Arts of Foggia

Dear students,

It’s a great pleasure to welcome you to our Academy!
Our institution is for sure a good place to live and study for both Italian and international students.
I hope you will appreciate the multidisciplinary vocation of our Academy and the hospitality of an Institution which is an intellectually challenging environment.

Our aim is to encourage our students’ creativity, enhancing their capacity to engage with the great challenges of our society.

We set out to attain this goal by offering a wide academic curriculum, by increasing our international policy and through the outstanding quality of our art production.

I wish you a pleasant and enriching stay in Foggia and hope you will find this experience both intellectually stimulating and personally rewarding.


The Director,
Prof. Pietro Di Terlizzi








For more information about your mobility, please contact prof. Stefania Oriente, our Institutional Erasmus coordinator ([email protected][email protected])

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